Viking Glass Items for Your Collection

If you’re looking for glass items that you want to add to your collection, the Viking Glass products are interesting choices and provide quality glass artifacts. With the products created by the company, you can be sure to have pieces with high value in your list of collected items. But first, a brief history.

In 1901, New Martinsville Glass Company opened for business. During this time, several glass companies have already been popping out in the US. New Martinsville was distinct in their use of color right from the outset. This made them among the leaders in creative glass making. Originally, the company focused on tableware but expanded to making several other glass products like decanters, vanity sets, lamps, and a number of novelties. Their line also included pressed glass serving ware for family table, candlesticks, liquor and smoking sets, powder jars, and perfume bottles.

The company was able to come up with popular Depression glass patterns like Moonstone, Radiance, Epic Pattern, Janice Pattern, and Pattern 415. Some of the most prevalent hues used by the company are ruby, amerina, olive green, amber, and the most famous dark sky-blue.

It was in 1944 when the New Martinsville Glass Company changed its name to Viking Glass Company. A number of the New Martinsville molds were adopted and used for the Viking operation. Most of them even kept their original names. The glass making firm was admittedly among the largest glass makers in West Virginia ever to have operated. In 1986, the company became known as the Dalzell Viking Glass Company. However, fell to its demise and ceased all production in April 1998.

Viking produced quality glass products that were highly saleable to the public before the company changed names and administration back in the year 1986. Their products were made in large volume and variety and were sold for both retail and wholesale trade. As of today, the glass products made by the company are now being sought after by avid glass collectors world-wide.

The earlier products were hand blown glasses. Their lines are available in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and colors. Their production while still in operation has been so extensive that many of them are still around. This makes their prices quite reasonable, turning them into good investments, compared to others of their kind. Many of the glassware are available for auction in Ebay.

The glass products that are made by Viking Glass Company range from decorative figurines to glass kitchenware. Take for example a 17-inch handmade Amethyst Art Glass Viking Pitcher with an exaggerated spout, footed base, and scrolled handle that make this a fine piece of glassware and stunning addition to your collection. Or a handmade Viking Glass Moss Green Duck, 10 inches in height and weighs 2.06 lbs.

Whatever your type of glass product is, there’s sure to be one Viking Glass Company item that suits your taste. The company, although long been nonoperational, is highly rated by collectors due to their long years of making glass products and tradition handed down from maker to maker. Viking products are still abundant now making them a good buy which can be sold later when the prices are higher.

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